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Friday, 22 August 2014

Seal Pups at Ohau Stream

There is a delightful place to stop on the coastal SH1 route, close to Half Moon Bay.  If you time it right, you may well see some baby seals frolicking in the Ohau Stream Rookery.   It is just a short easy walk into the bush.   We had stopped here on a previous trip, but it was the wrong time of the year.  Perhaps we would be lucky this time?


Although there was not the crowds of young seals that we were hoping for, there were a couple dotted around.  Mind you, it was very late in the afternoon, so perhaps they had moved down the stream back to the sea, to await their mother’s return.  We saw one lonely one hiding in the rocks.  But he hardly moved when we walked up the path at all, and we wondered if he might be sick.  Walking back down the path, we spotted another one beside the stream.  What a little cutey!  Back into the stream he slid, and swum away.


One baby seal in the stream

As we quietly waited on the path, he reappeared with a little friend who had been hiding under the bank,  We watched in delight as the the two of them played in the water, rolling around and swimming on their backs.  They were having fun.  There can be hundreds of these babies at the peak of the season, but we were happy just to have caught a glimpse of these two happy little seals, going about their business and enjoying their time in the safety of the Ohau Stream

P8210050Two babies playing together

P8210052 Swimming this way

And upside down

We continued on our way, driving through a couple of tunnels hacked out of rock.  What a job that must have been.


There was a light covering of snow on the Kaikoura Ranges.  No doubt we will see plenty of snow while we are here in the South Island.

P8210060 Snow on the ranges

It was a long day travelling, and we entered Christchurch City at 7.00pm, tired and hungry.  We were pleased to have finally arrived.

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