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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Who’s a naughty girl, then?

I should really know better at my age. As the TV ads say – never, ever leave things cooking unattended on the stove. So what did I do? I was heating some oil in the frying pan, and then went and sat down at the table to work on the lap top! Bad move. The oil heated up in no time at all, while I was tap, tap tapping away on the keyboard. Smoke swirled around the kitchen, out into the hall, and set off the smoke alarm attached to our burglar alarm. But…………re-setting the fire alarm is not easy. It has a fail sail device so that you don’t drop off to sleep while a fire could be smouldering away. So the alarm keeps shrieking every 90 seconds until it is reset correctly. Robin urgently flicked through the instruction book trying to find the right page of instructions. There goes the alarm again, so he has to hit the hash key. This is repeated time and time again, till at last, he finds what he is looking for. A few keys are pressed, and then, blessed silence. Did I learn my lesson from all this? You bet I did! And I got severely told off. Seriously though, it all could have ended with the kitchen ablaze. Luckily that didn’t happen, I’ll take more care in future.

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