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Monday, 22 March 2010

Getting high on Catnip

We went shopping to buy a small scratching post for our beautiful Birman Muffy – small because we wanted to take it away with us in the caravan. We already have a full sized scratching post so Muffy certainly knows what they are for. We made our selection from the pet shop and the salesman sprayed it with capnip “to get the cat used to it”, he said. Muffy was delighted with her gift. She jumped up and played with the little yellow tassel and bell hanging down.


She jumped up again and held the central post with her fore limbs, taking in that delightful scent. “I like this”, she seemed to be saying.


Then she rolled around the base of it, seemingly overcome with ecstasy.


After a little while, she seemed to have had her fill and left the scratching post alone – to come back to it later on. We read that about 50% of cats are affected by catnip, and those who are, are affected to differing degrees. When a cat encounters catnip, it usually sniffs it, then rubs against it. The sniffing produces the high, which usually lasts between five and ten minutes. We are sure that Muffy will certainly enjoy using her new scratching post the next time she has a weekend away in the caravan.

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