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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Anything Goes

Ever wanted to be “some one else”? Just visit the fantasy cave of “Anything Goes”, our local costume hire specialist shop. We called in this afternoon after work to collect our alter ego costumes for Saturday night. Planning ahead, we had visited the shop last week to try on different outfits. We paid a deposit and the items were put aside for us, all ready and waiting to be picked up.

DSCF3111 Anything Goes costume hire shop

The shop is full to overflowing with racks and racks of outfits. Anything from fairies, swashbuckling pirates, military men, psychedelic clothing from the 70s, and anything else you would want. Dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers, jackets and shawls are all there to try on.

DSCF3109 The shop is full of different outfits

There was a whole range if wigs as well, to change your appearance. Even a horses head, for the complete disguise. Hats, beads and bangles, all the accessories you could want to complete your outfit.

DSCF3110 Hats and wigs waiting to be tried on

So what clothes did we collect tonight? We are not telling, that would give the secret away. Check in again in a few days time and no doubt there will be a picture of the two of us pretending to be completely different people. After all, anything goes!!

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