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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Gold Card for Golden Oldies

Planning to be a pensioner – that’s me. On my next birthday I qualify for the Government Superannuation and will be out of the paid work-force quick-smart. The pensioners have one little perk out here in New Zealand, and that is the Super Gold Card, which gives the holders free off peak travel on local buses and trains. So you can imagine my horror when it was announced that the Government is looking at cutting the service back, and I haven’t even qualified for my own card yet! It seems that the Auckland pensioners have blown the budget by all their trips across on the Waiheke Ferry.

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Messing with the Super Gold Card is risky for National as 540,000 people aged 65 and over have them and they were used to pay for eight million trips on buses and ferries last year. Luckily, the Government has now had a change of heart and the free local transport will remain. Roll on October, I say, then I can join all those other golden oldies having a day out in the big city.

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