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Monday, 1 March 2010

Wagons ho


After 3 very pleasant days at Otorohanga Holiday Park it is time to hook up the caravans and move on. This small camp is about 35 years old and is set amongst beautiful mature shady trees. The on site hosts couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly, and make a point of using our names when they talk to us. With large area of native trees planted in the adjacent Kiwi House attract a huge number of wild birds. It is a delight to hear them all chirping away as they settle down in the evenings.


The only little hiccough that we had was doing the never ending washing. I rose bright and early to put a load on before we went sight seeing, went back a while later to find that the washing machine had decided to end it’s working life in the middle of the cycle. There was nothing for it but to put everything in the tub and rinse and ring it all out by hand. The weather is still nice and hot so even though the washing was hung up dripping, it certainly dried during the day.

Here are a couple more of the beautiful birds that we snapped recently on our visit to the Kiwi House. First is the beautiful New Zealand Falcon.

P2270494 New Zealand Falcon

This Kereru, native pigeon,was getting up as close as he could to the front of the enclosure, he obviously enjoyed having his picture taken.

P2270527 Kereru

Wonder where we will move to today? Somewhere by the beach I think. We’ll let you know when we get there!

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