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Monday, 8 March 2010

A holiday for Muffy too

Our beautiful Birman Muffy has been on holiday too. Unfortunately we had a bit of a hiccough just before we went away. The owner of the previous cattery that we had utilised for several years took ill, and the cattery closed down overnight. We found another local cattery, and after an inspection visit, felt quite happy to book Muffy in for her 2 week holiday, while we toured in the caravan. The separate runs have beds with nice cuddly blankets, and a climbing frame each.

DSCF2981 I’m ready to go home now

Follyfoot cattery is set in the Mangaroa countryside, and Marilyn is dedicated in giving first rate care to all the cats. She told us that Birmans are the sweetest of all cats, and so easy to handle. It is not that we are biased, but we knew that already! Looking after animals is a way of life for Marilyn and her husband, as the property is home to rescued horses, sheep and goats. We were greeted by a couple of cheeky goats when we arrived, but only one of then wanted to pose for the camera.



We’ve already told Muffy that she can come away in the caravan with us for our next rally, but she doesn’t know that she will be back at Follyfoot for our longer Easter break. It is very important to us that we know she is well cared for when we have to leave her behind. Since we have collected her, she has been following us around like a little puppy. In fact, she is sitting as close as she can get to the laptop, and thinks that I should really be patting her instead of typing. Do you think she missed us?

DSCF2989 Are you writing about me?

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Janet M. Davies said...

I love the cat/computer phoot. If looks could kill you would be dust now. Very cute...