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Thursday, 10 September 2009

We’ve been Certified

And that’s a good thing – we hasten to add.  Our caravan Romany Rambler has been passed for Self Containment certification.  That means that our both our fresh water and waste tanks are sufficient to allow us to Freedom Camp and stay at any Department of Conservation Camps.

P9093499 P9093500

Two Self Containment Officers did the check for us.  Armed with a tape measure and calculator they measured the capacity of both tanks.  They checked that the fresh water and waste pipes met the standard and that the vents were in the correct position.  They climbed under the caravan, went inside and poked their heads into the sink cupboard, and the bathroom, taking measurements as they went.   Did we have a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, a rubbish bin with lid and a first aid kit?  Yes we did.  Everything required in the standard was met and they signed us off and issued us with a Self Containment sticker, which is proudly displayed on our back window.    This work is done on a volunteer basis on behalf of the New Zealand Motor Home Association and we appreciated the time taken, thanks very much guys.


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