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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Karori Sanctuary - Zealandia

The Karori Sanctuary has been selected as one of the top 25 ecological restoration projects in Australasia by the Global Restoration Network, in partnership with the Ecological Management & Restoration journal and the Ecological Society of Australia. This is a wonderful recognition of the Sanctuary’s achievements to date. Wellington's Zealandia - formerly the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary - is just a stone’s throw from the city. Native flora and fauna have been reintroduced into the sanctuary, including the 'living dinosaur' tuatara and rare NZ birds, and many different forms of native life are now flourishing in this safe natural environment. 'Zealandia' is the name of the lost landmass that broke away from the super-continent Gondwana 80 million years ago. We visited the sanctuary in the weekend, and had a long frustrating climb up along the predator proof fence line before finally discovering our very own sponsored fence post. With over 34km of tracks criss-crossing the area, we only walked a small portion on our quest.

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