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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Spring Fling

It is officially Spring now, and we have just returned home from the Spring Fling Rally organised by the Wellington Region of the Motor Home Association.  These rallies are much bigger than our more usual Caravan Club Rallies, and there were about 70 campervans and caravans parked up in the grounds of Upper Hutt School, all of 4km away from home.  A non power rally weekend with heavy frost both mornings meant very chilly conditions.  We take for granted the heater and electric blanket  but no, not this weekend.  Motor homes have gas heating and Robin is currently researching something similar for our caravan so that we can comfortably go non power in the cooler months.  The committee were cooking up a fund raising sausage sizzle at lunch time and Robin was quick to line up for his share.













Saturday evening saw us all gathered in the school hall, waiting to be served our “Cryptic Dinner”.  Just bring a pen and a cup, we were told.  We soon found out what the pen was for when we were given the menu.  This was set out with a numbered list of very strange names, which we had to choose and write against the different courses.  The names represented both food items, beverages and cutlery.  So whatever numbers were chosen were delivered for that particular course. There were certainly some very unusual combinations indeed.  The waiters took great delight in delivering these strange meals to the astounded diners.  Some people had food but no cutlery, others had only a glass of water, and both of us ended up with lettuce for dessert.  It was a lot of fun and everyone was in fits of laughter the whole evening.  A good way to spend four hours!

DSCF1841  A hall full of happy diners waiting for their cryptic meals.

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