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Saturday, 19 September 2009

The best fed birds in town

We were  having trouble lately in purchasing the beef dripping that we use to make our Bird Puddings.  We tried several supermarkets and no one seemed to have any.  Then we were told that the factory making this product had a problem with the machinery and who knew when it would be in production again.  What would our visiting birds do, we wondered.  So then we visited a “real” butcher, who does a lot more than just package and wrap the meat for sale.  This establishment makes their own dripping, we were pleased to find.  As we made our purchase, the assistant said, “You’ll have the best fed birds in  town with our dripping”.  The birds certainly seem to think so, they have been coming in droves.  Both the Silver Eyes and Green Finches are very partial to a bit of pudding!!

P9190011 Four little Silver Eyes

The Green Finches seem to be more assertive and keep the Silver Eyes away.  We have noticed the Silver Eyes perched in the branches patiently waiting for the finches to eat their fill and move away.  But occasionally a Silver Eye will sneak in on the other side of the ball and manage a few bites before it is chased away.  These busy little birds give us such a lot of pleasure watching their antics.

P9190008-1  Silver Eye between two Green Finches 

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