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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Water Tank Worries

Our fresh water tank was worrying Robin.  On one of his forays underneath the caravan he noticed that the overflow pipe was pointing upwards towards the caravan floor and was not protected from the ingress of foreign matter.  This meant that any overflow could well be squirting water up against the floor and would not be acceptable for self containment.  So the other weekend he  jacked the caravan up, climbed underneath, and unscrewed the bracket holding the water tank in place.  Once this was out, he determined that the tank had been installed upside down!!  In order to fit it back the correct way around some modifications would have to be made to the bracket.  When the welding was done, the bracket received a couple of coats of  galvanised paint, then a top coat.  All this took days, of course. 


Tank and Modified Bracket ready for Fitting



Re-Fitting the Tank

The bracket was finally refitted, with the tank the correct way around.  The overflow was connected to a length of pipe and fitted to the water filler portal. Then we had to have a test to make sure that everything worked.  Robin filled the water tank and my job was to watch the new plastic pipe inside the cupboard to make sure that the overflow worked correctly and didn't leak at all.  Everything seemed fine, thank goodness.  We should now be able to qualify for self containment.  That’s the next task.


Fitting the Overflow Pipe.


Derek and Dot said...

Dear oh deary me. How long have you had the caravan now? Well spotted Robin and good luck with the self containment, thought this would have qualified with such a new vehicle.

Robin and Jenny said...

Thanks for the comment. Our new (two and a half year old) caravan did not come with a self containment sticker. Think that is something that the owners have to apply for themselves over here in NZ. It is necessary to have such a sticker to freedom camp.