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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Come to the Fair

We joined the throngs of people in the weekend and checked out the Spring Fair.  Main Street was closed off to traffic and it was wall to wall people everywhere.  It was dangerous negotiating all those pushchairs that were well under eye level, more down at  knee level really,  and so hard to see the youngsters in their pushchairs with so many people in the crowds.  And why oh why do people bring their dogs to such crowded conditions – they certainly added to the chaos.  We had never seen so many people in our neighbourhood.

DSCF1826 Main Street – packed with people

There were stalls selling all sorts of things.  Crafts, clothing, toys, bric-a-brac, and the tantalising smell of ethnic foods filled the air.  We came across this rather quaint stall set up as a Victorian Kitchen.    The cook was all dressed up in a long dress, apron and a mop cap jauntily placed on her head.  She was hard at work baking scones on a wood stove.  What a hot job that must have been keeping up with the queues of patrons all wanting to buy hot scones with jam and cream.

DSCF1834 Hot scones coming up.

There was plenty of music to keep us entertained too.  As we walked up the street we followed the wonderful sound of a band playing Hotel California, with the lead guitar really playing his heart out.  What a wonderful piece of music that is.  Also worth stopping at was an Irish band, and something completely different, a group dressed up as Red Indians.  This colourful group was playing the haunting music of Peruvian Pipes. 

DSCF1831 DSCF1823 

The fair had something for everyone.  There was a bouncy castle and various rides for the children, motor bikes and cars on display for the men, and lots of goodies on sale to tempt everyone.  The sun was shining on this lovely Spring Day and the local bobbies were there keeping an eye on things.  The only thing to complain about was our sore feet!!

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