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Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Weekend at Home

It doesn’t happen often, but we are having a weekend at home.  No where to go in the caravan and two whole days to potter around.  Mind you – it rained for half of yesterday, but then the sun came out, as it is today.  A good time to check how the garden is growing.  The lettuces and broccoli are doing well, the tomato plants are producing flowers and now need to be lightly tied to the stakes.  Our row of beans are starting to climb up the netting, as they reach for the sky.  Excuse the weeds in between the rows of veggies, the gardener hasn’t been home much lately.

PB290047 Our small veggie plot

The rhubarb is going to town in the other raised garden, and we are very pleased with our small lemon tree.  It is simply covered in flowers, which presumably will magically turn into lemons before too long.  The baby lemon in the photo is all of half an inch long!

PB290049 Lemon tree in flower

Robin gave our passion fruit vine a bit of a haircut, but perhaps it was cut back much too severely?  All the excess is seen lying all over the lawn.   Do hope we get another crop of those delicious fruit again this summer.  Time will tell.

PA200024 How to (or not) deal with a passion fruit vine

Even though we are having a caravan free weekend, that’s not to say we haven’t been out and about a little.  Yesterday we took a drive with D&D to check out access for our next caravan rally and a school in Foxton.  We had been warned that the entry was a bit narrow and wanted to be sure we could get the bigger caravans and motor homes safely through the opening without any scratches.    A “piece of cake”, we decided, as long as the drivers take it slow and sensibly.

Then today, we had a little Sunday drive to visit Robin’s brother and his spouse, who live not too far away.  They had recently pulled up some paving stones and had some concrete laid instead, so we went there to show a little interest in their outside renovations.  Looks like we timed it right as freshly baked scones were produced for afternoon tea, and we came away with a big bag of lemons and grapefruit.

So it’s been a lazy kind of weekend, which is always nice every now and again.  Not so next weekend, when we are off for an all day train trip – that should be exciting – we love trains!

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