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Monday, 23 November 2015

Surprise 70th Birthday

Caravan buddy and Birthday Boy Derek was adamant – he didn’t want a party for his 70th birthday.  So all the planning went on behind the scenes and boy, was he surprised when he arrived for a supposedly quite dinner with Don and Sandra at their rural home! 

PB210017 Surprise – Derek and Dot arrive

Guess the game was up when they arrived to see various caravans parked up on the front lawn.  We had just arrived from Napier and hadn’t quite made it home.  Friends and neighbours from our village were also invited, plus a few of Derek’s Menz Shed mates.

PB220030Parked up on the front lawn

There is no doubt that Sandra was the “hostess with the mostest” and all sorts of tasty  hors-d'oeuvres were handed around to the guests.  The main course of roast pork was added to with “pot luck” dishes from the guests, and the long table was soon groaning with food.

PB210020 Meal fit for a 70th Birthday Party

PB210021Just as well he didn't have 70 candles to blow out.

The cake was cut, and various  people reflected on the years which they had known Derek.  Dot and Derek have been members of our caravan club for quite some years now, and took a break from caravanning when they spent 5 years or so following  their dream.  They commissioned their narrow boat Gypsy Rover and cruised around the canals of England, thoroughly enjoying themselves, before selling up and returning home. 
PB210024 Don and Derek worked together many years ago

PB210026 I was reflecting that I hadn’t known Derek when he was a Traffic Officer – always loved a man in uniform

It was a great night, and Derek soon got over his shock of the surprise party and joined in the fun and frolics.  After all – you are only 70 once!

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