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Friday, 20 November 2015

Next stop - Napier

Mist hung low over the river and surrounding hills at Glenfalls on the banks of the Mohaka River when we awoke.  So pretty – but chilly too.  Out came the camera for a couple of misty morning shots, and I crept around in my dressing gown, hoping no-one was peeping through their windows at me.

 PB190052 Misty morning at the Mohaka River

The mist soon cleared away once the sun came up, and after breakfast, we were soon on our way - next stop, Napier.  It was 8km of winding country road until we reached SH5 and rejoined the Napier-Taupo Road once more, passing by this pretty little weir on the way.

PB190054Weir on Waitara Road

Back on SH5 the road wound up and down hills, eventually entering the Esk Valley.  Road side paddocks were planted with grapes and apples as far as the eye could see.  This is marvelous growing country, Hawkes Bay is known as the Fruit Bowl of New Zealand.

PB190055 Welcome to Hawkes Bay

A quick visit to the dump station, and we were soon pulling into the newly opened NZMCA Park at Erikson Road.  We were spoilt for choice, there was plenty of room for quite a crowd,  with options to either park up on the hard down the far end of the camp, or on grass.  We understand that the official opening will be taking place on Saturday but we will be travelling on by then.  Our only complaint was that the famed Hawkes Bay sunshine seems to have been blown away by rather cold winds.


PB200006 Plenty of room at Erikson Road

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