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Friday, 6 November 2015

Eat your Greens

There’s no excuse not to eat your greens when you live in the heart of a market growing area like we do.  Lovely fresh asparagus is now in season so we drove up the road a little way to call in to Tendertips to purchase some.  The freshly cut asparagus comes in various options, such as jumbo and chunky, but we like the “skinnies” so bought a lovely big kilo bag.

PB060005 Choose your asparagus here

With just a short 3 month or so season the packing shed was a hive of activity.  As well as supplying the domestic market, Tendertips asparagus travels internationally, and the boss showed us boxes being prepared for export to Japan. 

PB060006 In the packing shed

Then it was back to the Garden of York to stock up with some more veggies and fruit.  There were rows and rows of peas planted out, still quite small at this stage, but they will soon be growing like crazy now the warm weather has arrived.  As well as being asparagus season, it is also strawberry season.  We like to buy our strawberries from another local grower, Shirley’s Strawberries, not too far away from us.

PB060013 Shirley’s Strawberries

There is nothing nicer than a plate of strawberries and cream for dessert, and that’s what we will be indulging in tonight.  After we have feasted on New Zealand lamb chops, steamed asparagus served with a knob of butter, potatoes, carrots and beans.  It’s a beautiful day today, sunny with a gentle breeze, and the outline of the hills standing out against the clear blue sky over our back fence.  It’s a hard life living in paradise sometimes.

PB060018 Over the back fence

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