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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Hamilton back to lake-side

Things were certainly busy at our Hamilton POP, with vans arriving overnight, leaving early the next morning, and some staying quite a bit longer.  Two brightly painted buses arrived and parked up for a couple of days.  They are part of the Gypsy Fair which is coming to town for the weekend, we were told.

PB160013 Our neighbours in the car park

There was a bit of too-ing and fro-ing taking our respective caravans back to the Leisureline factory to get a few jobs done.  We had booked them in on different days so that we had somewhere to hang out otherwise both couples would have been “homeless” for most of the day.  The various jobs were attended to, our caravan got a full service plus our water heater needed checking, and everything was attended to satisfactorily.

It was rather like stepping into rock’n’roll heaven when we visited the Jukebox Diner.  I was very keen to try the American Hot Dog for lunch, and Robin enjoyed his Chilli Dog.  With a Coco Cola Soda to complete our meal, we were very happy campers indeed.  Mind you, we call these beverages “Spiders” down here in New Zealand.

PB160012Enjoying our lunchtime Spiders
The Diner was always busy.  Yesterday a whole bunch of classic car enthusiasts came calling, all dressed in their black club uniforms.  They went through the museum, then settled down to enjoy hearty lunches.  And today there was a very different type of clientele.  The Red Hat Hamilton ladies arrived, dressed in shades of purple, and sporting red hats, long red gloves, and lots of sparkling bling!  I asked if I could take their photo, and they told me they meet for lunch monthly, and for morning tea every two weeks.  Sounds like a fun group to join – and I know there is a local branch back home.

PB170015 The Red Hat Ladies of Hamilton

We never did find the time to visit the Classic Car Museum, but I’m sure we will be staying here again, so we will have to do it later.  A visit to the laundrette took a while, the clothes went into the washer, then into the drier, then we folded everything up neatly and placed them back into the laundry bag.  (Happiness is clean washing, don’t you know!)  But I was well prepared, and took my book with me to while away the time.  Our caravan service didn’t take as long as we expected, so on the way back to the factory to collect it (and pay the bill) we stopped off at a truck stop to top up with fuel for our return journey.

PB170017 Topping up the fuel tank

Then we we on the road again, heading south towards Lake Karapiro.  IT was good to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hamilton, it it always such a busy place.  We arrived back at the lake, and the lovely surroundings soon had us feeling relaxed once more. 

PB170021 Back at the lake again, this time with friends in tow

As it was 3.00pm, it must be time for afternoon tea, we reasoned.  The kettle was soon whistling away, coffees were made, and biscuits shared.  Two friendly ducks climbed out of the lake and waddled up the grass towards us, looking for a hand-out.  But we don’t feed ducks around the caravan, they only leave their calling cards behind!

PB170019 Hello, duckies

Then before we knew it, 4zzees time arrived.  This is the life, Robin and Geoff think.  It’s great to be back in this little part of paradise again, even if it is just for one night again before moving on.  The property is up for sale, so we must enjoy it while we can.


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