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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Glenfalls Recreation Reserve

Waking up in paradise again at Lake Karapiro – the lake was picture perfect with swans gliding serenely across the surface.  We were visited again by our two cream coloured ducks.  The POP owner informed us that they were Muscovy ducks, obviously someone’s pets at one stage, but the pair had been dumped at the lake sometime ago.


PB180027 Morning views from our caravan door

After a quick morning tea, it was time to move on.  There was a fair distance to travel to our next destination, approximately 210kms.  It wasn’t long till we passed through Tirau, well known for it’s quirky corrugated iron signs, and the equally quirky corrugated iron Information Centre building made in the shape of a dog.

PB180028 Tirau Info Centre

Travelling through the timber towns of Putaruru and Tokoroa, we then stopped at Wairakei for lunch.  Geothermal steam is used here to make electricity, and the huge pipes conduct the steam from natural underground cauldrons and are easily glimpsed from the road. 

PB180030Part of the  Wairakei power project

Leaving SH1, we turned onto SH5, the Napier-Taupo Road.  It didn’t matter that we were travelling from Taupo to Napier, it is still called the Napier-Taupo Road whichever way it is tackled.  Motorists with long memories can recall when this road was unsealed and had a bit of a reputation.  It can still be difficult to traverse in the winter months, and care must be taken with ice and snow.  It took us up and down through pine plantations, farmland, areas of native bush, and still more pines.  Our destination was Glenfalls Recreation Reserve, about two thirds of the way along the Napier-Taupo Road. 

PB180041 We made it to Glenfalls

This “basic” campsite is situated beside the Mohaka River.  There was plenty of space, with a few campers already on site.  The cattle were friendly and not in the least afraid of people or cars, and lounged around, perfectly at ease with the campers.
PB180037 Cattle close by the campers

They finally wandered away to check out the loud music coming from the speaker placed on top of a nearby car.  While the car owner was happily trying his luck fishing in the river, the cattle were engrossed in the music.

PB180044Musical appreciation group

This Department of Conservation Camp is certainly a magical spot, we are back to nature with a long drop toilet, no taps, and only river water available, and no radio or internet coverage here.  Which means the blog will not be posted until we move back to civilisation.  But by the magic of the satellite, we can receive a TV signal, so can catch up with the news. We are only staying one night, and on Thursday we are moving on to Napier.

PB180042Camped at Glenfalls, on the Mohaka River 

The cattle came back and surrounded our vehicle, sniffing and licking, perhaps they even wanted to chew on the rubber as well.  Possibly they were after the insects that get plastered to a car after a long journey – who knows?  It’s just as well that they are not wild cattle, as we would be trapped inside.

PB180047 Help – we are trapped by a mob of cattle!


Tom and Jan said...

The Napier-Taupo is easy compared to the Gentle Annie.

FlyingKiwiGirl said...

Hey, you have an extra cow! I wonder where she came from. And yes you can get reception, you have just got to know where to park, although you look like you're close to where we park. Maybe you have the wrong supplier... :)