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Friday, 20 October 2017

Welcome to Horowhenua

Standing at the southern entrance of Levin is a huge blue rugby ball, welcoming one and all to Horowhenua, and promoting the Horowhenua-Kapiti Rugby Football Union.  The union was established in 1893 as the Horowhenua Rugby Football Union and was changed to its current name of Horowhenua-Kapiti in 1997, in order to reflect the full extent of the union's districts.


Here in Levin we are in central Horowhenua.  The district stretches from north of the town of Otaki in the south to just south of Himatangi in the north, and from the coast to the summit of the Tararua Ranges.  The main town and seat of the district council is Levin, and other towns in the district include Foxton, Shannon, and Tokomaru.   And living as we do in earthquake prone New Zealand, it is interesting to discover that the name means shaking or rippling earth. 

Map of Horowhenua

The Horowhenua region is renowned for its fertile soil and temperate climate. This allows for production of a large range of quality green vegetables all year round.  And not just veggies, all sorts of berries, including the ever popular strawberries, roses, potatoes, pumpkins, onions, even grapes.  As well as farming free range eggs, and free range pork.  We are happily living in our own little piece of paradise.

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Janice said...

Your little piece of paradise. You should work for the local tourism office, you make it sound so good.