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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Family Gathering

After a couple of missed calls and a text, Robin’s baby sister finally made contact with us.  Kaye and Jan were up from Nelson, travelling on the Taupo, and could we meet up somewhere for coffee as they passed by?  Robin’s brother Gary joined us too.  Luckily we could rearrange our morning and we spent a couple of happy, if rather noisy hours in a local café. 

Kaye and Jan, Gary and Robin

There was plenty to catch up on, news of the extended family, a nephew's wedding coming up, and  travel plans. Health news too, as sadly we are all getting a little older.  It was a very enjoyable family get-together.


Janice said...

It's always good to cach up.

Nomadic Endeavour said...

It is always good to catch up with family. And always fascinating to know what has happened during those years without contact. Time travel.