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Friday, 13 October 2017

Ultra Fast Broadband in our Village

There has been a posse of workmen from Chorus busy in our village starting to lay Ultra Fast Broadband.  As we live in a village situation, the majority of residents had to agree to this work.  When it was explained that having broadband available to each property was an important point for those selling their properties in the future, residents readily agreed.  This current work is to lay the fibre around the village, and it is up to the individual owners whether they get the connection to their homes through their own internet service providers.  Chorus provided the Body Corporate with a detailed plan showing how this work would be achieved.

Narrow trenches have been dug, as required

The whine of concrete cutters has been heard throughout the village

And the dinky little digger has made a big hole in front of our home

Into the hole went a very big junction box

Cones and rails now in place to stop us falling in the hole

Not all of the work has been so disruptive, in some places only a mere narrow slot needed to be cut through the concrete path and across the road.  The cables end in the the pale green boxes in front of each villa, and from there will go into each household when required.

Neat and tidy, and the slots will be covered over shortly

There is still more work to be done, but no doubt the recurring wet weather stops progress.  The workmen have assured us time and time again that everything will be put back as it should.  We can’t complain, as all this work is being done at no cost.

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Janice said...

We've just had the fast broadband connected here, however we only have copper to the house, so not as good as fibre to the house. I hope you have a great internet service after they have finished.