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Monday, 9 October 2017

Spring is in the Air

Our Spring weather has been very wet lately, and the grounds are sodden.  Where does all this rain come from, I often wonder.  Although after a several days of almost non stop rain the sun has finally come out.  Our kowhai tree in the back yard is in flower.  We are really pleased with it’s growth as we brought this tree with us as a rather spindly sapling when we moved from Upper Hutt.


Kowhai tree in bloom

Spring also means that the new season asparagus is ready.  We get ours direct from the grower, just a short drive up SH1.  There is nothing nicer than steamed asparagus with a knob of butter on top, or even better, asparagus mornay. 

Fresh asparagus – yummy

There were workmen busy playing with their big machines on the property.  The asparagus farm is going to be growing strawberries, we were told, and workmen are busy preparing the ground to put raised beds in.  I’m sure we will notice a big change here the  next time we arrive to buy some more asparagus.

Preparing the ground for raised strawberry beds


Janice said...

Look at the size of those flowers! I've not seen them before. We are also getting our first asparagus - but from the supermarket. Just think, next year fresh asparagus and strawberries - yummo!

Jenny said...

The kowhai tree is a much loved New Zealand native tree, and often attracts the tui (bird) which feeds on the nectar. WE are really pleased our little tree is doing so well after been transplanted from Upper Hutt.

Elizabeth said...

We also buy our asparagus from the grower who also own a radiator repair workshop in town so while it looks odd to be going in and coming out with the days asparagus it is all kept sererate and has been picked only a few hours earlier. Joke from great grandson - Q. Whatdo hot crossbuns, corn on the cob and asparagus have in common?" A. If the buttere doesn't trickle all the way to your elbows you are not using enough !" OK 15 year old boys tummies have no memory so life is 1 endless feed.