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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Marton to Awastone

During our time “shemozzling” over the weekend we stayed at the Scottish Hall, Marton, for a Combined Caravan Rally, hosted by the Wellington Caravan Club.  We had the use of the hall, kitchen, and toilets for the weekend.

Staying at Marton

There was a farm across the river and it looked very peaceful indeed.  I bravely stepped onto the private bridge bristling with Private Property signs so that I could take a couple of photos of the lovely view.  Then quickly stepped off again before the owners noticed and set the farm dogs on me.

So pretty and peaceful

The weather was mostly sunny and warm, although it did rain quite hard on Saturday evening while we were safely tucked up in the hall. A “Pot Luck” meal was on the agenda, and as always happens, the table was groaning as everyone carried their contributions into the hall,  with plenty of choices for everyone.  Then we ate our way through a large array of desserts, very nice indeed.  Followed by an evening of Housie, (or Bingo, depending where you were brought up).  No money changed hands, but the winners were rewarded with chocolate bars.

After morning tea on Sunday, people packed up and drove on home, with a small group staying on for lunch, which we enjoyed outside, dodging the occasional spits of rain.  We waved most of the others off, but  we, together with Geoff and Eileen, are heading northwards to attend a Leisureline Owners Rally in Auckland next weekend.  Yes, I know, we are hardly ever home.  We had booked into Awastone Riverside Haven for the first night of this trip.  But first we had to cross over the old steel bridge spanning the Rangitikei River.


Arriving at Awastone

The recent rain had turned the camp sites into a bit of a mud bath but with a bit of tooing and froing we were soon in place, legs wound down and power cords plugged in.  And just look at that view behind us.  Several kayaks went paddling by.

On site at Awastone
Paddling down the Rangitikei River

This is a fairly new camp, with an excellent ablution block.  Beverages are available in the bar, and meals are provided for group bookings.  Never mind, we will be cooking our own meals tonight.

Settling the bill

Panoramic view from the river  bank

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Janice said...

Have fun on your latest trip. That bridge looks a little bit hair raising.