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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Wanganui Holiday Park

The rain stopped at last and we are finally experiencing some nice warm weather.  Since we were last here, the camp has new managers and is looking good.  There is an interesting sign pole pointing every which way – both in New Zealand and lands far away.  I’m sure overseas travelers would be looking for their home town amongst the signs.


The aviary is full of cheeping, chirping, fluttering birds of all sizes and colours.  They look so pretty as they sit on branches in the sunshine or scrabble around looking for goodies to eat on the ground.


The Wanganui River runs along one side of the camp grounds.  At 290kms in length it is the country's third-longest river, and has special status owing to its importance to the region's Maori people.

Wanganui River beside the camp ground

It was nice to welcome Don and Pamela back to the rally after quite some time away and they proudly showed off their “new to them” Sovereign RV caravan.  The new van is lovely, and it was so nice to catch up with the pair of them again.

Pamela and Don with their new van

In the afternoon we went for a drive to visit the very pretty Virginia Lake.  We have been here many times, and it is a lovely peaceful place to return to, whether to walk along the paths, or merely sit and enjoy the antics of the water birds. 


At Virginia Lake

We were intrigued with the long fronds growing down from the giant pohutukawa trees.Pohutukawa has the ability to sprout root systems  - these adventitious roots form out of trunks and branches, and are able to grow through the air as they search for crevices, pockets of soil and moisture.  Can you see Robin reaching up to one of these dense root systems hanging down on this huge tree?

Robin and the pohutukawa tree

View of Virginia Lake

We had afternoon tea at the nearby Funky Duck Café

We met in the camp dining room/lounge in the evening for a film evening.  With several DVDs to choose from, the popular choice was Mama Mia.  Most of us had seen it before, but still enjoyed a second viewing and loved listening again to all those well known songs.  And the dancing, the costumes, and for me especially, seeing Colin Firth again - sigh.  Being an incurable romantic, I’m pleased that love overcome all obstacles in the end!

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