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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Last days at Wanganui

We had mixed weather at Wanganui, some rain, some sunshine, but luckily not too much wind.  Members came and went, some stayed for four nights, while others stayed two or three nights, to suit their circumstances.  It was great to welcome prospective members Owen and Helen who came to join us, and ended up winning the quiz, good on them!

Some of our vans at Wanganui

Our last evening was spent gathered in a circle and playing a game with three dice.  Twenty cent coins changed hands regularly and the finally the person who had the last coin was declared winner and took the pool.  Not a huge fortune – probably about $3 or so, but it was all a bit of a laugh.

We were intrigued to see a machine in camp that promised hot chips in 70 seconds.  Although I didn’t see it in action, a couple of our members put their coins in the slot and had freshly cooked chips with their evening meal.

Hot chips, anyone?

The young couple running the camp have done all sorts of improvements since our last visit.  The two and four wheeled hire bikes were very popular with youngsters and they pedaled round and round the camp.  And the birds kept us entertained in the aviary.


We packed up and left on Monday morning, hoping to get home before the expected rain, and passing plenty of dairy cows on the way.


Our four nights at Wanganui was the conclusion of our two weeks away.  Our trip started in Taupo, then we moved on to the Motor Home Show at Hamilton.  Several people have asked us if we put an order in for a new caravan at the show – no, not this time.  During our homeward journey we stayed at Piopio, New Plymouth and Hawera, before meeting up at Wanganui for a caravan club rally. So all in all it was a great little trip away, catching up with old friends, seeing new things, and finding somewhere “new to us” to stay.  Now – when are we going away next?  I’ve just checked, and it’s in five weeks time.


Janice said...

It is great when new owners make improvements to a park. I'm intrigued by the chip machine. I haven't heard of them before. Five weeks at home! That would nearly be a record.

Jenny said...

The chip machine was new to me as well - I'm just sorry that I didn't see it in operation. Yes, five weeks, ten we are off to Auckland so that should be exciting, haven't been there for a while.