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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Kitchen Mishap and the General Election

With Robin’s 70th Birthday almost a mere memory, we decided to have a celebratory morning tea with our caravan club friends on Saturday morning.  That’s where the cookie dough from Yarrows of Manaia came in – we will bake some tasty macadamia and white chocolate cookies to share, we decided..  But we didn’t have a baking tray for our small caravan oven.  Tried to use the the monster gas oven in the camp kitchen, but it wouldn’t light.   So back to Plan B and then we ran out of gas half way through baking the cookies in two lots on the baking pan in the caravan.  Certainly not my finest morning in the kitchen.  Next time, we will bake at home and take the goodies with us.

My cookies didn’t go to plan

After lunch our group went to visit St Paul's Anglican Memorial Church at Putiki, Wanganui.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just a  plain white church from the outside, it seemed.


What an absolute delight the church was inside.  No photos were permitted inside so this has come from the web site.  The church features some of New Zealand’s finest modern Māori carving some of which uses paua shell. The church includes a painted rib ceiling which, as with the interior’s tukutuku panels, recalls Māori meeting houses, as well as, two beautiful etched-glass and two stained-glass windows.  Just beautiful, and our guide told us about the history of this wonderful church building.

Image result for pictures of st pauls church wanganui
Interior of St Paul’s Church

Driving back to camp we crossed my favourite bridge in Wanganui – one of several bridges crossing the river.  The  Dublin Street Bridge looks rather like it was made from a Meccano set, I always think.

Dublin Street Bridge

With the very important General Election taking place while our caravan club was at Wanganui, everyone took the opportunity to vote early.  With our democratic duty done, we were then free to enjoy the rally without worrying about casting a special vote as we were out of our election areas.  During the evening we were glued to the camp TV watching the results come in.  National seems to have won, but the Special Votes from overseas still need to be counted.  And with MMP here, they will need to form a coalition with one of the minor parties to form a government.  Meanwhile – the country waits.


Marilyn McDonald said...

Why not cookies cooked in the Weber? I gather that works a treat..

Janice said...

A lovely couple of days. Nice to see the sun. You've visited some interesting places. What a pity about the bikkies. When you said a mishap I was expecting to hear that there was a fire or something of that ilk, so just the failed bikkies was a relief.

Jenny said...

I believe you can also cook cakes on the Weber - haven't tried that yet.

Robin wanted to serve the cookies "warm" but we didn't allow enough time, especially as we hadn't cooked with this sort of dough before. So only half were cooked in time, and they all spread and ran together. I was horrified with the sad looking results!