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Thursday, 14 September 2017

All Roads lead to Motor Home Show

We spent two nights at the handy Taupo Airport NZMCA Park.  Always a great place to stay, with lots going on.  Rigs come and go, and there is always something happening at the airport.

Romany Rambler and The Manor at Taupo

A very easy walk took us past the helicopters just across from the road and we watched as one after another fired the engine up.  The noise changed dramatically the faster the blades rotated, and one after another, the helicopters lifted off and went about their business. 


Taupo airport is not terribly busy with just a couple of flights in and out each day.  But there was a trio of private planes parked up, we noticed, big boys toys indeed.

Private planes at Taupo Airport

On Thursday morning the camp thinned out considerably as many were heading off to the Motor Home Show at Mystery Creek, Hamilton, just like us.  With the fresh water tank filled, and the waste dumped, we were finally on our way.  Off we went, driving past the timber town of Tokoroa, and the quirky little town of Tirau, festooned with many corrugated signs and sculptures.  No time to stop and explore, we were on a mission to get to Mystery Creek and find our site.

After a bit of a run-around, being sent to this area and then another, we finally found our correct sites.  Parking at the show is free, but we had opted (and paid for) for power sites instead.  Seems  that the various lists were not available to the people doing the parking but we finally found the correct sites.   And with more than 500 vans booked for the weekend, there is sure to be a hiccough or too.  Not only do we have power, but we are also parked up with people from the Motor Home Forum, which both Robin and Geoff belong to. 

Happily on our power sites in the correct area.

And still the vans are coming in, there is still a lot of parking for the wardens to do. It will only get busier before the day is out, we expect.   So far we have been and checked out where the loos are (nice and handy), and the water taps, and there seems to be plenty of rubbish bins dotted around the grounds.  All very necessary items, of course with the huge crowds expected.

We’re in the crowd somewhere

The show opens tomorrow, and then we can walk over to the large hall and check out all those brand new rigs that will probably be well out of our price range.  But it’s always nice to look, and maybe come away with some new ideas.  We will let you know what takes our fancy.