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Saturday, 16 September 2017

More from the Motor Home Show

There’s so much to see at this show that most people purchased a 3 day pass.  As Robin and Geoff did, but Eileen and I were content with just a single day of looking around.  Give me too much to see and it all blurs together after a while!  I did enjoy the exhibition “Memory Lane”  which showcased retro caravans of years gone by.  These have been lovingly restored and proudly displayed by their owners.

We met up with this Lilliput caravan at Taupo and followed each other along the road to Hamilton.  And yes, he told us, he does go camping in it.


And I loved this little pink decorated van, with pretty bunting and accessories.  Perhaps a  pink flamingo standing outside would be the finishing touch?  Definitely styled with a feminine touch.

Retro caravans on display

And to give you some idea of how many are taking advantage of the free camping, or very reasonably priced power sites as we are, here is a view after I trudged up to the top of the hill.  And we have been told that there are a lot more vans tucked away out of sight, so we must go exploring later.  Seems to be about 900 vans here for the show.


View from the hill

With a little help from Geoff, Robin erected our new wind break.

A few showers of rain didn’t keep the day trippers away on Saturday.  They still came trundling down the hill.  Some vans departed after the first night, but others arrived to take their place.

Still more people arriving

Around the camp sites: 

Our neighbour and their cat called “Cat”,and a large areoplane under cover.

Gleaming Airstream van and red Chevvy

“First Wife & I”, is there a new 2nd wife waiting in the wings?

So that’s it from Day 2.  Robin’s been back to the show to have another walk around all the exhibits.  We’ve dodged the showers, and put up with the wind gusts, watched people leave and still more arrive to take over their sites.  Then we walked around the huge camping area and caught up with a few people that we knew – all good fun. 


Janice said...

I love the concept of everyone camping at the show. They don't do that over here. The retro vans are too cute, but I must say I love the mod cons and conveniences that come with ours.

Jenny said...

There is lots of camping available here in New Zealand at all sorts of shows, such as the many Country and Western Shows at all different places. Mostly, there is a charge to park over, but the Motor Home Show offered free parking.