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Monday, 3 July 2017

Waiouru Museum Trip, 3 July 2017

Sixteen members of the Levin Menz Shed plus one visitor did a trip to the Waiouru Army Museum on Monday 3 July, but this was a trip with a difference.  We were look at all the big items that were not displayed in the main public museum as there was no room for them.

waiouru trip1
The Levin Menz Shed Member Lounging all over a Valentine Tank.

Rather than write a lot of words about what we saw I will just say it with pictures:


Folding paratrooper motorbikes, not very sucessful. The one at the back has a bigger seat, 
it was adapted for use by midwives.

Iconic Willys Jeep

WWII Indian Scout Motorbike


One of only a small number left of an exact miniature Bailey Bridge. Used to teach how to 
assemble. Click on link to find more information on Bailey Bridges.




A Willys Jeep as setup for the SAS, and a Series 1 Land Rover also used by the SAS but for use in Borneo and Malaysia. The spare tyre was mounted on the front to aid with bashing through things.



A selection of big trucks

A room full of big guns all in chronological order.

And to finish off the Royal Parade Land Rover and the Valentine Tank unadorned.



Thank you to Stafford and Adam for arranging an excellent day out at a truly amazing facility. We may have to go back at some stage to see any changes and to see the bit missed.

If there was anything that I was in awe of was the sheer amount of equipment being preserved and of how much of it still is in running order!


Tom and Jan said...

You know you are getting old when you remember some of those vehicles being introduced into service :-)

Jenny and Robin said...


I hope that some of the equipment you dont remember in service. There was one more building of decommisioned equipment we did not get to see. Another reason to go back.