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Friday, 21 July 2017

The Letterboxes Stand Tall

Once again, there needed to be a bit of letterbox reconstruction in our village.  Made without steel reinforcing rods, these brick letterboxes do not take kindly to knocks from vehicles and seem to fall apart at the slightest nudge.  In fact, it was a taxi which inflicted the latest damage, we believe.

Quite a sorry sight

However, all is well again and the said boxes are now standing tall again.  The brickie came along, ably assisted by his young family.  It was the school holidays, after all, and I guess that taking the kids along too gets them out of Mum’s hair.  Once again, our neighbours will be very pleased to have the letterboxes repaired once more.  This is the second time that these particular boxes had been knocked over.

With a little help from the family

We spent the morning up in Palmy, with an appointment or two to attend, and a long list of odds and ends to purchase.  After our list was just about ticked off, we took ourselves off the the Mall for the final item on the list, to get my reading glasses adjusted.  Then it was time for lunch. But we had forgotten that it was the last day of the school holidays, and were soon reminded of this fact when we tried to find a spare table in the Food Hall.  Seemed the local Mums and Grand Parents were all taking the kiddies out to lunch, and McDonalds was doing a roaring trade.  There were kids everywhere – little ones in push chairs, mid sized ones, and plenty of teens lounging about as well.

Luckily we managed to find a table for two so we could enjoy our lunch too.  And what could be nicer than a coffee and cinnamon donut from Donut King?  Especially at the special Seniors price.  What we especially like at the Donut King is that the coffee is served in a “real” mug, not one of those plastic or cardboard take-away ones.

Enjoying his coffee and cinnamon donuts

We noticed the young kids standing mesmerized in front of the donut machine as they watched them being made.  So once the coast was clear I had to go and check it out too.

That’s how our cinnamon donuts are made

With all our messages done, it was time to head home. There is just a light dusting of snow on the ranges till the rain washes it all away.  Another bout of bad weather is heading  up from the South Island, we have been promised, so it could well be a wet weekend.  Just as well we are not away in the caravan, I feel.


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