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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Searching for the Big Blue Bus

It’s around here somewhere – the GPS told us so.  We’re on the right road, and look, there’s some bunting fluttering in the wind over the driveway.  And those signs prove that we have made it to our destination.  The car park was full to overflowing, so we guessed that others had already discovered this Te Horo secret.  We met up with Geoff and Eileen in the car park as they were joining us on this quest.


Walking up the concrete path we rounded a corner and there it was, The Bus Café – a handsome 1964 Bedford.  A queue was snaking out of the bus.  With Eileen settled down to save us an inside  table (they were in short supply, we noticed)  Geoff joined us in the queue and we boarded the bus to make our purchases.

The Bus Café at Te Horo

What to have – that’s always the question.  We decided to have an early lunch, and home made pies, a toasted sandwich and the last of the Eccles Cakes plus coffees were soon delivered to our table.

The friendly ladies at the Bus Café

As we sipped our Flat Whites we were amazed at the amount of customers walking down the path for refreshments.  Some bought take-aways and soon departed while others decided to eat on site.  There was a variety of seating available, some al fresco out side in the fresh air plus extra seating under gazebos or in the wooden cabin.

Lots of room at the Bus Café

Dog parking available for man’s best friend

It started to drizzle but we were snug and cozy inside the Summer House, which also doubles as a show case for various items for sale.  Here we were, sitting amongst the arts and crafts, and the jars of pickles and jams.

Eileen, Robin, Jenny and Geoff

As we were not too far from the beach, of course we wanted to check it out.    The skies were grey, the shingle beach was covered in driftwood, and the the air was bracing.  There was a different view of Kapiti Island, with it’s top obscured under the clouds.

Kapiti Island seen from Otaki Beach

A group of equestrians waited for us to depart before they rode down onto the beach, giving us a cheery wave as we drove past them on the way home.

Waiting for their ride along the beach

As we made our way homewards we reflected that it had taken us a very long time indeed to track down the Bus Café.  I first read about this café in a copy of “NZ Life and Leisure” magazine back in 2014.  The bus had relocated a time or two and it’s thanks to Geoff (and the local newspaper) that we found out where the bus had finally ended up.  After three years we have finally made a visit, and it was a most enjoyable morning.

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