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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Slow Sunday

It’s a slow kind of Sunday here.  Waking to a frosty morning kept us snuggled up warm and cozy in bed.  But we don’t really have to get up bright and early on a Sunday, do we? 

Our Sunday morning ritual usually involves a bacon and egg breakfast.  Expertly cooked by the man of the house – it’s his specialty, after all.  And it was delicious, as usual.

The sun is shining, the washing is drying nicely outside in the gentle breeze, and all is well in our part of the world.  I really expected Robin to say he would rather be away in the caravan, but it’s nice to be home occasionally in the weekend.

And to finish off our day, there is a tasty beef bolar roast simmering away in the crock pot for our dinner – slow cooking at it’s best.  It smells lovely, and crock pot cooking is simple indeed and produces wonderful tender beef.

The weather has been amazing lately, and it certainly doesn’t seem like winter.  We’ll make the most of the winter sunshine as Mother Nature is sure to be bringing some bad weather again before we know it.  And in the meantime, we will just enjoy our slow Sunday.  Next week our calendar is packed full, so that will keep us busy.

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