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Friday, 14 July 2017

After the Flood

Talk about the heavens opening, it just never stopped raining yesterday.  It rained, and it rained, and rained some more, and our patio area was under water.  Which does happen, from time to time, so we didn’t worry too much, although this was worse than we had seen before.

Patio area under water

But we did worry when our Caretaker Danny opened our timber gate and walked around to our back yard.  We peeked out the sliding door in the back bedroom to see what was happening – and the whole back yard was under water.  That had never happened before and we were advised to leave the gate open to help it drain away down the path.

That’s Danny checking our back yard

Luckily the water never rose high enough to come inside the house – but another few higher inches may well have made a difference.  But it did enter through Robin’s shed so the wooden floor is saturated, and he had to spend some time lifting items off the floor.  The shed will need drying out and he will have to get advice on how to lift it up onto blocks so that it doesn’t get flooded again.

A steady stream of water was pouring down the path of the next villa along.  That’s a whole lot of water!

Water everywhere

It seems that all this water was coming off the road behind us, which is higher than our properties, and originated from the farm land over the road.  No doubt this was exacerbated  by the heavy rainfall in the Tararua Ranges, which added to the problem.  Various roads around the Horowhenua area were closed during the day due to flooding.

Today the water in our village had drained away, but there is a bit of flooding on other Levin roads.  And to make up for all our stress yesterday, we were rewarded with a glorious sunset tonight.  And we have been promised much nicer weather tomorrow.

Sun set tonight


Katie said...

Water is always a worry, isn't it. That sunset is amazing!

Janice said...

My goodness. That is a lot of water. Thank goodness it stopped when it did. Poor Robin having to dry everything out. I'm glad you got rewarded with such a stunning sunset.