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Friday, May 8, 2015

Vaccinations and a Visit to the Vet

We bravely fronted up to receive our free flu vaccinations the other day.  But really, we never felt a thing - the needles in use  these days must be super fine.  Not like the needles used while we were trapped in the dentist’s chair many years ago – I swear they were based on 4 inch nails!  We had to sit quietly afterwards in the waiting room for 20 minutes in case we had a reaction  – luckily neither of us started foaming at the mouth or rolling on the floor, so we could take ourselves back home for a cuppa. 

Poor Muffy has not been herself lately so she has had a trip to the vet.  Although previously her appetite has been good, over the last few weeks she has hardly been touching her food.   Cats tend to sleep for most of the day, but while she was awake, she was quite unsettled.  As a grand old lady of nineteen years, we feared the worst.

She had to endure the indignity of getting her temperature taken – you know where!  And various blood tests to confirm or rule out several nasty options which could be making her feel unwell.  We brought her back home with antibiotics and painkillers to try and make her more comfortable while we waited for the results.
 P5040006 Muffy wanted reassurance after her visit to the vet

Luckily the results from the blood tests did not confirm anything untoward.  My goodness – they were expensive.  Guess we just take it for granted that human blood tests are free here in New Zealand – but not for pets of course.  Muffy has kidney problems, and her teeth are not in the best of shape, which are probably making it painful for her to eat.   The combination of antibiotics and mild pain killers have worked wonders – she is now eating again, getting used to a special food which is easier in her kidneys.  But she seems to like it, and we are happy to pay extra for something to make her life easier.

So……..where do we go from here?  We have a couple of treatment plans to decide between ourselves here at home, then it is back for another visit to the vet next week.

P5040010   Curled up and sleeping after her visit to the vet

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Marilyn McDonald said...

One thing is for sure, Jenny and Robin, she is a well loved cat who has had a lovely life. I am sure you will make a treatment decision that has her best interests at heart. Mxox