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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Last Day of Autumn

Today, we have been told with great authority, is the last day of Autumn - and what a splendid day it is.  We are spending the long Queen’s Birthday weekend at the Palmerston North Motor Camp, camping under beautiful large trees showing their autumn colouring. 

At Palmerston North Motor Camp

The leaves keep falling down all over the internal road and the grounds man keeps removing them.  But he is fighting a loosing battle – they are falling faster than he can sweep them up!  The weather is perfect for this time of year, cool mornings and evenings, with warm sunny days, practically windless.  That doesn’t often happen in Palmerston North, a city which is well known for its wind.

Where to from here?

The rally family has kept us busy so far, doing this and that, and we enjoyed a meal out last night at the Palmerston North Cossie Club.  The roast pork on the menu was a real winner, especially as it was offered as a Gold Card special price.  The courtesy van made a couple of trips to transport us all from the motor camp down to the club and back again, with most of the blokes staying on a little later to watch the rugby game on the large TV.  So a good night was had by all. 

With the weather remaining so nice, several of us took a walk through the park at the rear of the camp, walking through the native bush along the railway lines. 

Robin and Geoff enjoying the bush walk

The paddling pool was empty for winter and we were intrigued to read the sign on the wall.  I guess that living in an earthquake prone country, we have to be extra careful when the ground starts shaking!

Lots of young families were checking out the birds in the aviaries.  And we had a good look too, Robin was quite taken with this cheeky bird.

Who's a cheeky boy, then?

Bill, Val, and Jenny at the avaries

The adjacent rose garden wasn’t in full bloom, but there were plenty of roses here and there to stop at and smell.

In the rose garden


Marilyn McDonald said...

It's a lovely campgrounds, isn't it? And the park is wonderful. My sister and her husband stayed there in their motorhome for a few months (over Xmas and well in to the New year) while Murray's company was on a Fonterra contract out of Longburn. If you like Thai food, there is a lovely place not far away - on the corner of Fergusson and one of the streets coming out from the square, I think.
The temperature in Waikanae is about the same as over here, Jenny, but we've got rain and wind ...
Enjoy, Mx

Jenny said...

Thank you Marilyn. We love the grand majestic trees here (and we are pleased that it's not our job to deal with the never ending leaves on the ground). It certainly is a great time of year.
Keep on boating!