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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Clean Up Time

The three brothers plus little old me spent quite some time at Robin’s Mum’s home yesterday.  Settlement date is coming up fast, so we went along to sort out who wants what, decide what items are destined for the Hospice Shop, and clean out and pack up various cupboards.  The bequests have been dealt with, so then it was just a matter of various family members putting their hand up for something they could use, or especially wanted.  The brothers dealt with the heavy stuff, dismantling beds, and moving bulky items to be collected into the garage.  In the meantime  I wrapped up things in the china cabinet, and dealt with the linen cupboard, crockery, pot cupboards, and baking things.

Over the course of the morning we all put our hands up for the odd item.  Such as these two Kiwi Dip bowls I found tucked away with the crockery – they will be perfect for 4zees with our caravan club buddies.

P5090007 I gave these a new home

It’s a bit sad packing up someone’s life, but it had to be done.  Robin’s Mum had many happy years here, until her health deteriorated, and it was time to move on.

P5090002 Waiting collection

P5090004The three brothers loading the table onto the trailer

After all that hard work we were starving so called into the local Subway for a late lunch.  So yummy, and we like the way we can get exactly what we want on our toasted roll.  The pair of us will have another couple of trips down during the week, as there are two  trucks coming to collect items of furniture and the many boxes.   Then there will be the last cleaning bee to make sure things are spick and span, and a rubbish run to the tip.  When settlement day comes, it will the end of an era.


Bernice said...

Best of luck, I can empathise, we had to do my parents place last year, however we only had three days to get everything done!! Luckily I am one of 6 so we all got stuck in and had the house cleaned out, put on the market, sold in 4 days, new person moved in 5 days later. Talk about a whirlwind of activity and emotions.

Jenny said...

Thank you Bernice. Everything is falling into into place nicely. Once the collections have been made the place will be practically bare so we can finish off with a good clean.

The brothers were not too emotional, (apart from missing their Mum) as this house was not the original family home where they grew up.