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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

60s Up Birthday Meeting

There was barely a spare seat left yesterday for the monthly 60s Up meeting.  Maybe it was because it was the club’s Birthday meeting, perhaps?  Which meant a special morning tea to celebrate.  The person rostered on to help with tea duties was not available,  so Robin and Bruce were called on to lend a hand moving a few tables into place and setting out the cups and saucers.

P5250025 Robin and Bruce helping out

With extra items available for morning tea this month it was decided to plate up the items ready to hand out – to make it easier when members came up to collect their cuppa.   I offered to help with this task, and armed with a pair of tongs put their choice of sausage rolls or savouries onto the plates already containing sandwiches and carrot cake. The little potatoe topped savouries were the clear winner, most wanted one of those, with sausage rolls a close second.  The group of serving wenches plus Robin on tea pot duty were rushed off our feet trying to keep up with the demand, and when the last of the long lines had been fed and watered, gratefully sat down with our own morning tea.

The entertainment this month was the ever popular Ukulele Ladies of Levin, who played quite a range of tunes for us, including the lovely New Zealand classic,  “Blue Smoke”, written by Ruru Karatiana.  "We were on the troopship Aquitania in 1940 off the coast of Africa when a friend drew my attention to some passing smoke. He put the song in my lap," said Karatiana. 

P5250026 Ukulele Ladies on stage

P5250030 Our friend Robyn is one of the keen Ukulele Ladies

It was a good meeting, catching up with friends, and singing along as we were entertained.  Although once again we didn’t go home with a raffle prize – never mind, we will try again next month.


Marilyn McDonald said...

This post made me smile and a bit homesick, Jenny. Strange to see a photo of Robin with trousers - rather than shorts, I mean ...

Jenny and Robin said...

Unfortunately it now the time of year to cover up the knees and spoil the sun tan.