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Monday, 18 May 2015

Another Vet Visit

We are becoming regulars at the vet clinic with Muffy lately.  It was time for a follow up visit to see how Muffy was getting on after a course of antibiotics and mild pain relief for her gums.  We waited patiently in the waiting room until we were called in for our appointment.

P5180001 Robin comforting Muffy at the vet’s

Just like doctors and policemen, vets these days seem almost too young to be suitably qualified – or that is just a sign of our rather mature ages, perhaps?  Zoe the (young) vet weighed Muffy and we were all pleased to see that she had not lost any weight over the last few weeks.  She is now eating a little better, and seems brighter in herself.  We decided that we would not put her through the ordeal of oral surgery, as the risks seems to outweigh any benefit she may receive, especially at her advanced years.  Instead we can keep her on her mild pain relief indefinitely, which really does seem to make a huge difference.  With another undignified bout of temperature taking, listening to her heart, feeling her tummy, and collecting the next bottle of her magic potion, we were free to take her home.  That’s after we had paid the bill, of course.
P5180002On the way out we saw this sign aimed at dog owners – guess it must happen from time to time.

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Marilyn McDonald said...

Good news that Muffy is doing well and can be kept pain-free. A relief for the two of you, I bet!
Cheers, Marilyn