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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Volunteer Driving again

Now we are reasonably well settled into our new home, Robin was keen to get back into his volunteer driving duties for the Cancer Society.  His application to become a driver for the Horowhenua area was gladly accepted, but first he had to be shown  the ropes.  Ray, the Driver Co-ordinator, collected Robin today to show him around the hospital.  Some patients go in for treatment, while others have specialist appointments, and the volunteer drivers make transport to the hospital one less thing for these sick people to have to worry about.  After a very quick cuppa, they were off and on their way.


They drove through to Palmerston North Hospital, where Ray pointed out the Cancer treatment wing, where to drop off and collect the patients, and where to park the car.  Now he knows the ropes, Robin will be all set to drive solo with a patient next time.

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