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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Concrete Guys came back

The sun has returned, and so did the concrete guys today, to finish off our job.  The concrete truck arrived with a hiss and a roar, driving the wrong way up our one way street in our village.  Robin removed our 4WD from the car park, and the driver backed the concrete truck into this space.  This would make it closer to where the concrete was needed, without blocking off the narrow road.  

DSCF5756 The concrete truck has arrived

But first the workmen had to add some sand to the base, level it out, then get the compactor on the job.  That didn’t take too long at all.

DSCF5755Compacting the area

Then it was all hands to help, as the concrete flowed down the shute, and into the barrows. Even the boss man was there to help.  Just don’t tell the caretaker that everyone is trampling his brand new lawn, which hasn’t really had time to get established. 

DSCF5760 Filling up the barrows

It took quite some time for the concrete to be poured, levelled off and then screed.  Those blokes were busy all day working in both the back and side yards. 


DSCF5768  A job well done

The workers will return tomorrow to remove the boxing, we were told.  Now that job is ticked off our list, Robin can see about getting his new shed.  And shift the clothesline.  We’ve still got a long list of things that need doing.  Perhaps he should sow some more lawn seed too, where it has all been flattened and walked over.

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