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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Shortest Day

Today is the “shortest day” in our part of paradise.  There's snow on the Tararua Ranges behind us and a definite chill in the air. 

P6218046 Snow on the Tararua Ranges

Here in Levin we seem to have missed the worst of the polar blast sweeping the country.  Wellington, our capital city, wasn’t so lucky.  The weather forecaster was quoted as saying, “The storm hit like a freight train”.  With 25,000 homes without power, wind gusts of 140kph, trains, planes and ferry crossings cancelled, we are pleased that we no longer live and work in the Wellington region.  We are cosily tucked up inside our new home with the heat pump keeping us warm, plenty of food in the cupboards, and no reason to venture too far from home.

The 21st June is also celebrated for another reason.  In 1964 on this day the Beatles arrived in New Zealand.  How I wished I could have been amongst the screaming crowds to see them – but it wasn’t to be.  Never mind – 49 years later, I’ve just about got over my disappointment!  

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Katie said...

I'm glad you've escaped the worst of the storm. We've just heard from the family in Wellington and Wanganui now the power is back on. Everyone is COLD! :-)