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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Look at Me!!

Our cat Muffy is rather like a naughty child at times.  We were both busy doing “stuff” and she couldn’t find a lap to curl up on.  After wandering around and making pitiful noises she decided that she really would get our attention, one way or the other.  So what did she do?  Jump up on the wall unit, and carefully wind her way round behind the tray of coffee pots.  Then she was stuck.  “Help, help”, she cried, “look where I’ve got stuck”.  By the time I raced to get my camera she had worked out that she needed to back up to get out of the tight spot.

DSCF5599 Coming out backwards

We’ve just attended our first visit to a Probus group – something we had planned to do since moving up to Levin.  By a co-incidence, I was seated next to the President at the movies several weeks ago, who told me of meetings times, what the group gets up to, and encouraged the pair of us to come along to the next meeting.  And very interesting it was too.  There were two speakers, the first being a club member who was a doctor in his working life.  He told us all about the scourge of tuberculosis, which has been around for thousands of years.  Just think of the Victorian ladies slowly dying of consumption, which  Bronte sisters succumbed to.  Sadly, TB is yet another disease which is becoming drug resistant.

The guest speaker was a Vet who had the hall in stitches as he related tall tales from his student days, and his time as a brand new vet.  In between the funny stories, there were sad endings too.   And he related the statistics that unfortunately many vets are particularly prone to alcoholism, depression and suicide.  The Probus club members were very friendly, and we met up with a couple of people we know from caravanning, who did not realise that we had moved up this way.  We will certainly return next month, and have already filled in our membership application. 

Now, what is that cat up to?  There she is, on top of the couch, watching me with her beady eyes.  OK Muffy, we’ll sit down in front of the telly now, and you can choose which lap you would like to curl up on.

DSCF5601 It’s time for a cuddle now

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