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Monday, June 10, 2013

Bright and Shiny

Our 4WD looks so bright and shiny after it’s paint job.  Gone are those awful white splodges of paint on the bonnet and the roof where the dark paint has been breaking down.  Our strong New Zealand sunshine full of UV rays is well known for causing paint damage. What had happened was the clear coat had broken down under our harsh UV conditions and once that had occurred the colour went as well; the vehicle being a Japanese import was manufactured for the local market in Japan so the paint did not conform to the same spec’s as would be required for a NZ new vehicle.. The top of the roof, bonnet and right front guard all suffered this condition so virtually the vehicle has been half re-sprayed and is now looking a million dollars.
 DSCF5617Our LC80 series looks much nicer now

Our car was delivered to the local paint shop, Marty’s Panel and Paint, last week.  There it was rubbed down, re-sprayed and had a wax and buff polish to complete the job.  It is a job well done and we recommend Marty’s for any paint work you may require.

One of the problems of owning an almost twenty year old vehicle is that things tend to go wrong in groups of three. We had an engine malfunction earlier this year, the paint deteriorated to a stage we could not stand it anymore, and now at WOF time we were informed that the injector pump is leaking (god knows how much that will cost to repair). The only thing now not covered is the turbo, I guess that will need servicing at some stage.

As the vehicle is such a good tow wagon for our 2.3t Leisureline caravan we intend to keep it, anyhow a LC 200 series is out of our reach so this one will have to do.

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