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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Who’s that Under the House

We are enjoying Summer weather now, but Winter will be rearing it’s cold, ugly head in a few months time.  So we took advantage of a part Government subsidy to have some under floor insulation installed.  The manager of Total Insulation Ltd discussed with us the benefits, climbed under the house, measured up and gave us a quote.  “The boys will love doing this house”, he said.  “Not only is it nice and dry under there, but you don’t have any “lane changes”.  He went on to explain.  It seems that in some houses the floor joists change direction like a zig zag while ours run straight down the length of the building.  The truck arrived and bales of the insulation were unloaded and stacked in the garage.
DSCF5378 The bales in the garage
Then the team of two got to work.  The bales were slit open and the sheets of insulation were fed one by one through the trap door.  They were then stacked in various places under the house ready to be fitted. 
DSCF5381The sheets go in  one by one
They were working off a plan which showed where to place the two different widths of insulation.
DSCF5379 The plan
This would be a long slow job as the boys were working flat on their backs.  It was just as well that they were both young and lean and so able to manage working in such cramped positions.  Muffy was very interested to see the trap door open and was all set to bound under the house and explore.  But the sight of the two boys and all that activity stopped her in her tracks, and she ran back inside.  “You’ve got a pretty cat”, one of the boys told us later.
DSCF5382 The two boys flat on their backs fitting sheets on insulation
They came out for a cuppa mid way through the job, and were philosophical about  the working conditions.  “It gets very hot”, they told us. “but you get used to it.  And it’s great that your house doesn’t have any lane changes”.  It took about 4 hours to get all those sheets in place.  Then they were off to a big job in one of the embassies.  Hopefully our new insulation will make a difference to the house in the winter.

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farmerg said...

Found your blog. Great read. Interestingly I have an entrepreneurial neighbor who always sees a chance to make a fiver. Months ago he suggests we should both apply to be installers for insulation. I said " No way" . To hot , to cramped , to much hastle. I was right. You will notice a massive difference in winter though if your previos insulation was shot or just old.