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Saturday, 19 February 2011

A trip to the Big City

We “played hooky” from our caravan club activities at Brookfield’s Scout Camp on Saturday morning and drove in to Wellington.  Robin’s old school friend Gary and his wife Glenys had travelled down from New Plymouth to spend the weekend in Wellington, so it was the ideal opportunity to meet up.  Driving along, we came behind the Airport Flyer bus which had a big sign on the back declaring “Please turn on all electronic devices when on board”.  Free Wifi is available to those who can juggle their lap top on their knees while bouncing about on the bus.
  DSCF5412 Free Wifi on board this bus
Also seen from  the road was the huge liner Queen Elizabeth.  This very impressive cruise liner was in port for a couple of days.  Wonder just how much one of those “rooms with a view through the porthole” would cost?  Well out of our league, I imagine.
DSCF5414 The Queen Elizabeth
We found a handy car park, met up with Gary and Glenys and walked down the street to find a cafe for lunch.  There were plenty to chose from in this area of the city.  As Robin and Gary hadn’t seen each other for a while they had lots of news to catch up with.  The conversation continued after lunch as we sat outside in the sunshine in Cuba Mall, doing a spot of people watching.
DSCF5427 Glenys, Gary and Robin
What’s this happening?  I can hear the tinkle of bells.  Oh look, it’s a troupe of Morris Dancers!  There is something about Morris Dancers that I just adore, perhaps it is some of that English blood in my veins, mixed in with the Scots.  While the others were continuing their conversations, I was happily snapping photos.
DSCF5422 Morris Dancers in Cuba Mall
I find this “Old English” ritual dancing so very interesting, and the dancers always seem to be having so much fun.  It wasn’t too long until, whack, whack, they were banging their sticks together with much gusto. 
DSCF5423 Whack, whack, go the sticks
After all that exertion the dancers sat down outside a pub and refreshed themselves with a cool ale or too.  That loosened their tongues and the sound of old lovely old songs filled the air.
DSCF5428 Singing in the sunshine
Then it was was time to say our goodbyes to Gary and Glenys and drive back to our caravan buddies in Wainuiomata.

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