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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

That’s life in a Motor Camp

What happens when you put two families with teenagers from completely different social backgrounds, and a couple of caravans close together?  The result is - “The Motor Camp”, the latest production at Circa Theatre.  We have never laughed so much at a live show.
DSCF5314 By Dave Armstrong , based on a story by Danny Mulheron
The plot revolves around two family groups one professional the other a contractors family, two hormonal teenagers and all the trials and tribulations this eclectic mix creates. Insert an over bearing Dutch camp proprietor whose voice rings out over the loud speaker, issuing one ridiculous command after another, such as,  “The camp shops closes at 5.00pm.  Children will  not be sold ice creams after 4.00pm as it will spoil their dinner”. All this combines into a hilarious two hours of a play based on a Kiwi motor camp, as insults fly, politically incorrect comments are made, and family arguments break out
The director was determined to use real caravans on stage, but the main theatre entrance was not big enough.  Approval was granted for a special entrance to be made but…….a mistake was made in the measurements and only one of the caravans would fit through the new entrance.  The day was saved when a smaller caravan was sourced in the Wairarapa. 
DSCF5323 Robin checking out the camp after the show
The play was one laugh after another, and we can certainly recommend it.  You don’t have to be campers to get a laugh out of this production, although we have never come across any campers quite like these before.  Thanks to our reader Helen who wrote to us and said “I thought of you when I read about the play in the newspaper, in case you are interested”.  Thanks very much Helen, it would have been terrible to miss such a great play.

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