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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Brookfield’s Scout Camp

This weekend we invited the Wairarapa and the Wellington caravan club members to the inaugural joint rally between our three clubs, at Brookfield's Scout Camp, Wainuiomata.  We did not have the place to ourselves, and shared the grounds with a scout troupe from Maungaraki, and various other groups. 
Fifteen caravans and campers arrived over the course of Friday afternoon and evening and we all settled ourselves around the large orchard.  The cicadas kept up their noisy calls all day, and in the evening we heard the sounds of the morepork, our native owl.  Friday night in invariably “joke night” in our club, and several shared their jokes during our “mix and mingle” get-together when we met in the small hall.
DSCF5403 Camped around the orchard
Robin and Peter wrote out the plan for the day’s activities on our club notice board.  We couldn’t forget the al important 4zees.
Latecomers to morning tea were given a reminder with the bull horn.  With that noise blasting in their ears it certainly gave them a hurry up call.
DSCF5407Hurry along, campers!
The kids from another group in camp were having a great time sliding down the slippery slope into a mud puddle at the end.  Time and time again the youngsters ran up the plastic and launched themselves through the water on their tummies, laughing with delight as they landed in the mud.  That looked like fun.
DSCF5431 The mud slide
Everyone was enjoying a very pleasant afternoon sitting out in the sunshine enjoying our 4zees.  Opps, the wind got up and made short work of Bill and Barbara's sun umbrella!  It ended up looking more like a rotary clothesline than a sun umbrella, hope they can get it back together again.
DSCF5437 Not much shade from that umbrella
We had organised a quiz night on Saturday evening to get the brain cells ticking over.  Like most of these competitions, the questions are only easy if you know the answers.  And some of the questions were rather obscure.  Everyone had brought along a plate of goodies for our shared supper to finish off our evening.  The sun was shining once again on Sunday morning and we had our group morning tea sitting out in the orchard once again.    It was a very successful joint rally, and it was good to meet up with people from other clubs again, some were old friends, and we made some new friends too. The tally was 3 vans from Wairarapa club, 7 from Wellington club, and 5 from our own club.  People started to pack up and the rally came to a close.  We were eager to get on our way too, all raring to start our 2 week safari trip.  Watch out Wairarapa – here we come!

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