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Sunday, 31 October 2010

The last Hurrah

Lunch at the Fig Tree Cafe was to be the last hurrah of the 65th birthday celebrations.  It was a family affair, with daughter and son-in-law Nicky and Robert travelling down from Kiwitea for the day, and son Michael flew up from Christchurch for the weekend.  My sister Karla and her partner Tony came too, and also invited were old friends Shirley and Lewis, and Robyn and Barrie, from the Kapiti Coast.  The Fig Tree would have to be my favourite cafe, and the food is delicious.  Set in a former church, the wooden tables and chairs, together with the crockery are a mish mash of styles which just add to the character of this establishment.
PA301087 Michael with his Mum
There were no two ways about it, I just had to have my favourite, the corn fritter stack with bacon.  I probably should have tried something different, but those fritters are just so tasty, and I noticed it was the choice of several others of our group.   Beef and Guinness pie was another popular choice, and the breakfast menu is available all day, for those who prefer their bacon and eggs.
PA301089 Karla and Tony enjoying their lunch
Son-in-law Robert had climbed out of his everyday farm gumboots and looked very dapper in his town clothes, while Nicky was very fashionable in her black and white swirly dress and high heels.
PA301085 Robert and Nicky
We have known old friends Shirley and Lewis for many years, so it was good that they could come down for the birthday celebrations.  In our younger (and fitter) days, we shared the adventure of walking the world famous Milford Track together.
PA301090 Shirley and Lewis
Here’s Barrie but where had Robyn got too?  Perhaps she is up at the counter ordering her lunch?
PA301094 Is my lunch coming yet?
The cafe was busy  but not quite as packed full as I remembered from my last visit.  A sign of the times perhaps.  Never-the-less, our meals were delicious, with very generous servings, and the coffee was nice and hot.
PA301086 Here we all are
After our lunch it was back to our place for coffee and cake.  This was the third and final cake in the  birthday saga, and I can honestly say that I’m all caked out now!  Just as well that I didn’t have 65 candles to blow out.
PA301082 Not another birthday cake

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