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Thursday, 7 October 2010

How did she know?

Our next door neighbour has been away on holiday. The two cats and Ollie the Cavalier King Charles went to their respective boarding establishments, while the owner went on her overseas trip. We walked down the drive in the weekend to collect the mail from the box when we noticed Muffy nimbly jump over the fence. She sat on top of the small wooden dog kennel. This was just the right height to allow her to sniff at the cat door opening.

DSCF4229 I know there’s no one home

After a sniff here and a sniff there she rolled around with wanton abandon completely at ease on the warm concrete path. The sun shining through the translucence carport roofing made interesting stripy patterns on the path.

DSCF4232The concrete’s always warmer over the fence

How did she know that the occupants were away? How did she know that the two cats wouldn’t be there to gang up on her and hiss and claw? Not to mention Ollie the dog, I’m sure he wouldn’t be happy to have the pussy cat intruder from next door in his home patch! Muffy won’t be getting up to this sort of behaviour again. Oh no, the neighbour and her menagerie have now returned home.

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